Welcome to Earthworks Pottery

Earthworks Pottery in Greensboro, NC, was founded by Molly Lithgo and Jim Rientjes. Both use red earthenware clay and a rich earth-tone glaze palette, sharing a passion for making work and creating objects for everyday use and enjoyment. Each artist focuses on a separate body of work but also enjoy making collaborative pieces that blend their two distinctive styles.

Molly makes wheel thrown, altered and hand built vessels that capture a sense of movement, mimicking the swaying and bending forces of nature. A variety of decorative techniques such as carving, slips, under-glazes and sgraffito define and enhance the flow between two-dimensional decorative expression and three-dimensional functional design. Families of objects are similar yet remain one of a kind.

Molly Lithgo 

Jim’s hand built pieces are inspired by geometric form and his love of building things. Items are simply decorated with designs and patterns from found objects or cutting tools. Traditional glazing techniques are poured or dipped, enhancing and defining shape and structure. Jim enjoys repetitive objects and creating sets and multiples that work well together.

Jim Rientjes